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Having its headquarters in Hongkong, ITgium was created in 2010.

ITgium has started its activities in China Mainland (Qingyuan, Guangdong Province) and Paris (France).

Since 2016, ITgium has expanded its activities in New-York (USA) and Mexico City (Mexican States) through representative offices.


Believing that the taking care on environmental issues is the right way for the world long-term survival, built on independent and in-depth research, since its creation ITgium has contributed to the development of notable technologies, as for instance:

- A pulse continuing counter-flow contactor to optimize exchanges between liquid / solid phases;

- Chemical treatment to get rid and to treat the hazardous material, as for example, asbestos;

- Chemical and mechanical solutions to treat, to valorize and to manage the sediment and the sea mud;

- Chemical solutions to slow down the glacial melting.

- Energy saving solutions in housing communities.


Throughout its activities and projects, ITGIUM grants a significant help on the basis of the following main tasks:

- To carry out technical validations;

- To ensure compliance with regulatory and local standards;

- To answer to all useful mandatory requirements in allowing a product for entering into the market;

- As the case may be, to implement a pilot plant production facility.

Since 2010, 41 surveys and studies have been commissioned and conducted by ITGIUM on topics regarding the technology enhancement and transfer as well as on environmental factors, norms certification, product market procedure.

Since 2010, ITgium as attended 37 conferences on environment technologies issues, as for instance, the International Technology Transfer (ITTC) in Beijing and Guiyang (Guizhou province) on April 2014.

In addition to that, according to its international position, ITgium is involved in IT Trade and Technology Transfer.


ITgium is currently mainly involved in the following activities, as a shareholder and partner.

  • Management, treatment and valorization of the sediment
  • Energy Savings on buildings
  • Asbestos inerting
  • Urbanism Layout
  • Disinfection cleaning solutions

bandeau nemeau


An industrial engineering company

Location: Caen (France)

Assignment: Specialized in the management, treatment and valorization of the sediment, healthy or contaminated, located in the ports, the estuaries and the coastal seashores and dams areas.

Targeting the protection of the Eco-System, SEDIGATE-ARD provides equipments and comprehensive schemes of sediment treatment that assess the interactions that can take place between human activities and the natural environment.

Main activities:

Sediment clean up process, recycling, dehydration, valorization



An industrial company

Location: Caen (France)

Assignment: Since a decade, with more 500 clients references, DJP ENERGY (current Capital 2 M Euros) manufactures and markets a device called the Eco Regulator DJP that provides a 20 % reduction in energy consumption for boilers, heating and air conditioning equipment.

At the same time, this technology slows down the emission of CO2.

This technology is eligible for the white certificate

Main activities:

- Eco Regulator DJP sale;

- Saving energy financial and managerial expertise;


For the 5 years to come, DJP main goal is to reinforce its involvement in the French domestic market and to develop new devices.

ATP Sol, 2ème


Patent against the asbestos fibra

Assignment: ITgium has participated of the development of a chemical formulation that could treat dust, coating and asbestos friable through the asbestos removal and storage process.

Accordingly, ITgium has created IR & Amiante, the company that is cureently handling this project.

Those formulations secure the asbestos removal operation, applicable in situ.

IR & Amiante main goal, today under development, aims to transform the asbestos crystalline structure (dangerous) into an amorphous structure (harmless) by a “soft” physical-chemical method, economic and safe, low temperatures operating.

The product should meet the needs on an increasingly demand from the asbestos polluted areas.



The Cycle is able to solve, concomitantly, hydrocarbon fossil fuels shortage and climate change caused by CO2 emissions.

Assignment: The concept purpose provides an appropriate response to this a double answer to:

  • The ending of the worldwide stocks of fossil energetic raw materials (gas, oil, coal)
  • In the fighting against climate change and greenhouse gas emissions.

Neutral carbon balance is guaranteed by recycling the CO2 produced from C4 Cycle.

The process is attractive with an oil barrel rated at around 100 dollars.

International disclosure of a synthetic hydrocarbons Cycle production in CO2 zero balance was held in Paris at the Ecole des Arts et Métiers, June the 30th of 2016, by the team led by Claude Charzat (former Associate Director of Rhone Poulenc).



A biotech company, Hong Kong

Location: Hong-Kong

Assignment: Specialized in hygiene, health and environmental protection, TEUQIAO provides solutions in the following areas:

- Physical & chemicals applications by air against germs and pathogens;

- Disinfection solutions for food, water and public constructions with its new ecological and biodegradable technology;

- Regeneration of water

Main sectors of intervention:

Agriculture, aquaculture, food industry chain, Clinics, swimming pools, transportation


- A Pulse Continuing Counter-flow to optimize exchanges between Liquid / Solid phases

- Chemical solutions to slow down the disappearing glaciers



Qingyuan (Guangdong) urban planning company, Chinese Certified Planner

As a well connected architectural and urban planning office, the activity of ZHONG OU LU embraces mainly the geographical area of the Municipality of Tianjin (天津), and the HUNAN (湖南), HEBEI (河北),  GUANGDONG (广东) provinces.

Main activities:

- Urban planning and development planning  城市规划与发展规划

- General Development Plan, color planning 总体发展规划,色彩规划,

- Urban design, landscape planning 城市设计,景观规划



ITGIUM consists mainly of PHD chemist veterans with backgrounds in civil engineering expertise and at least 30 years of relevant experience.

It also brings together a range of inventors and researchers involved in various fields as, for instance, decontamination, treatment of hazardous material and recycling and energy solutions.

ITgium is also staffed by professional Chinese.

For further information on the above presentation, please contact: Mrs. Claire Lin (chevalerie@qq.com)

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